Sexual Rendezvous In The Swimming Pool

It's a hot summer day and you and your partner are ready to go to the swimming pool. They've been waiting for this all week and are both desperate to freshen up and have fun. When you arrive at the pool, you see that it is already full of other people. But you don't care, you're there for each other. They go to the shallow end of the pool and start splashing water on themselves. Your partner laughs and playfully tries to avoid your water balloons. You both feel the cool water on your skin and it is refreshing. After a while you decide to take a break from the water and sit on the pool terrace. You watch other couples making out and cuddling on the deck. Your partner leans in and kisses you gently on the lips. You feel a tingling sensation in your body and you know that something is about to happen. They both stand up and walk to the deeper end of the pool. You start swimming towards each other and as you get closer, you feel your partner's hand grab your waist. You swim harder and faster, trying to catch up with your partner. When you finally reach your partner, he grabs you and drags you under the water. You panic, but your partner's strong arms hold you tight. You feel her lips on yours and her hands begin to roam your body. Your partner begins to unzip your swimsuit and you feel his fingers slide under your bikini top. You gasp as they take it off, revealing your bare breasts. Your partner's lips begin to suck on your nipples and you feel a wave of pleasure wash over you. Your partner continues to undress you and you feel his hands on your hips pulling down your bikini panties. You feel your partner's fingers slip under your pants and you gasp as he takes them off, revealing your bare legs. Your partner begins kissing you all over your body, from your neck to your toes. Feel her lips on your shoulders, your back and your legs. You feel her hands on your hips and pull yourself closer to her. Your partner begins to push you against the wall of the pool and you feel his lips on yours. You start to return the kiss

Duration: 10:52

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