Make It Rain, Myka

Myka was a beautiful young woman with long curly hair and big brown eyes. She had a toned and fit body with curves in all the right places. She was the kind of woman who could make anyone's heart beat faster the moment she walked into a room. One day Myka was in the park with her friends when the sky suddenly became dark and it began to rain heavily. Myka loved the rain and couldn't wait to get wet. She ran out into the storm, laughing and dancing in the rain. As the rain got heavier, Myka's friends joined her. They all began to take off their clothes and dance together in the rain. Myka was having so much fun as she felt the water seeping into her skin and body. As they danced, Myka couldn't help but feel sensual. She closed her eyes and let the rain drench her, feeling the water running down her body and into her pussy. She started to feel horny and couldn't resist the urge to touch herself. Myka began rubbing her pussy, feeling the water flowing in and out of her. She felt so alive, so free. He couldn't believe how much he loved the rain and how much he loved getting wet. As they danced, Myka's friends joined them. They all began to touch each other, feeling the water flow in and out of their bodies. Myka couldn't believe how horny she was and how much she loved getting wet. It continued to rain and Myka and her friends danced in the rain for hours. They laughed, screamed and touched each other. They got wet, they got dirty and they got horny. When the sun came out, Myka and her friends began packing. They were all covered in mud and water, but they didn't care. They were all soaked and all happy. As they left the park, Myka was grateful for the rain. She loved getting wet and feeling sensual. He couldn't wait to do it all again another day. End.

Duration: 10:06

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