Licking Feet, 001

Imagine a hot and sultry blonde girl named Sarah entering a room, where she finds her boyfriend John awaiting her. As she walks towards him, her high heels click against the hard wooden floor, getting John's attention. He quickly stands up and approaches her, placing his hands on her thighs. Sarah leans back into him, her eyes closed as she feels his body pressing against hers. John leans down, his lips grazing her ankles before making their way up to her calves, licking each one with fervor. Sarah moans as she feels his tongue lapping against her skin, her heels digging into his flesh. Suddenly, John slips and falls to the floor, John pulls Sarah down on top of him, he reaches to her feet and licks her toes having a wild foot fetish. Sarah lets out a scream of pleasure as John's tongue slides deep between her toes, causing her body to convulse with climax.

Duration: 18:35

Views: 53

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