Heated Toes For Bald Slave

A slave is subjected to a delightful tattoo of hot shades of red, orange and yellow stars on his bald head, highlighting his head features, such as his chins, hairline and forehead. The completed design is then covered with a hot oil and wrapped with plastic, making his head sweat and tender. A group of hot babes, each with a unique tattoo flash, are bringing the tattooed slave to a heated room filled with red lights that illuminate his tattooed skin while they pleasure his feet. The steamy atmosphere reaches through the shaft of his trousers while the ladies play with his erection and the vibration of their own stockings stimulates his clit. The heated feet enjoy a playful ride on the toy-covered body while the slave's body is serene, delighting in the materials for his pussy. The playful cries of the ladies fill the room, savoring every moment with the bald slave. Together, there is a moment of satisfaction as the slave cums, enjoying the heated sensations of his feet being stroked as he opens his eyes breathlessly, taking in the precious fluids he now exudes. The ladies exit the room, as he stares into the distance, contemplating the gentle-tortured play he has gone through, already anticipating the next session.

Duration: 10:06

Views: 60

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