Blowing The Peeping Tom

Luscious Lucy was home alone, bored out of her sexy mind. She decided to spice things up by sliding into some sheer lingerie that left little to the imagination. Little did she know, her creepy neighbor Tom was peeping through the window, his eyes bulging at the sight of her voluptuous body. Lucy, sensing something amiss, caught Tom red-handed with his pants almost down to his ankles. Instead of being angry, she felt flattered by his raging hard-on. She beckoned him inside and what followed was a frenzied fuckfest unlike any other. Tom, the once timid voyeur, became an Instant Sex God as he pounded Lucy relentlessly, making her moan and arch in ecstasy. Their animalistic coupling left no room for sensitivity or romance, just raw, pure lust at its finest. when it was all over, they both knew that this wouldn't be the last time Tom satisfied his peeping fetish.

Duration: 14:44

Views: 50

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